Corporate Services

Talent Acquisition

Through our recruitment and employment agency, our recruiters are able to provide companies with strategies that will help them fulfill their staffing needs & recognize their full human potential through hiring the right “Talented Partners" and working continuously on their Development. strategichr-human resources experts is offering multiple job opportunities & careers to potential job seekers throughout the Middle East, Gulf Region, West & North Africa (Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Tunisia, Libya, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Congo, Senegal, Sudan, …)

Through our professional work we will provide potential employers with the below services:

  • Searching for potential candidates
  • Executive search
  • Job posting creation and placement
  • Headhunting of key Talents
  • Pre-selection process and resume analysis
  • Candidate interviewing & selection
  • Reference and background checks
  • Guarantee for replacement and follow-up services

Our Database

We possess a strong and very selective database with multinational background. We are able to provide Clients with Talents from all levels (Junior to Executive) and from different nationalities such as but not limited to: Lebanese, Indian, Filipino, Pakistani, Egyptian, Jordanian, Nigerian, African, Armenian, Syrian, Bahraini, Emirati, Bangladeshi, Qatari, Yemeni, Saudi, Iraqi, Omani, Kuwaiti, Moroccan, Turk, Tunisian, Sudanese, South African, Singaporean, Algerian, Sri Lankan, British, Canadian, American, European…

Competency Analysis & Job Descriptions Development

We assist companies in developing a systematic process to determine skills, duties and knowledge required for performing each job by designing proper and motivating Job Descriptions and Job Roles. The Competencies we design will provide your organization with common language by which to describe the behaviors or actions required of people in the performance of their roles.

Our Competency Dictionary will be used by companies to:

  • Specify job descriptions and person requirements for selection processes
  • Identify training and development needs of individuals
  • Provide feedback through the performance management process
  • Identify individuals for promotion or succession planning

Human Resource Planning

We guide companies in the development of a systematic process to match internal and external supply of Human Capital with job openings in an anticipated way.

Our services will help you to:

  • Guarantee sufficient supply of resources, whenever there is a need for it
  • Make sure that the current workforce in the company is being used properly
  • Foresee the potential requirements of manpower at various skill levels
  • Evaluate excess or scarcity of resources that are available at a given point of time
  • Predict the impact of technological changes on the resources as well as on the kind of jobs you do
  • Manage the resources that are already employed in the organization
  • Ensure that there is a lead time available to pick and train any supplementary human resource

Our systematic approach will focus on:

  • Determining potential risks.
  • Finding the right balance of quantity, quality and location of critical talent
  • Detecting internal supply of and demand for critical skills and roles under multiple business circumstances
  • Identifying and addressing critical gaps between current Talent Pool and future Talent needs
  • Developing solutions and related strategic plans
  • Taking actions and monitoring results

Employee Onboarding Programs

To arrange a quick transition from candidate to employee, an organized, communicative and thorough onboarding process will be developed. Our programs will help new hires adjust to the social and performance aspects of their jobs so they can quickly become productive and contributing members of the organization.

The main focus of our Programs will help you to:

  • Create a favorable impression of your company and its management
  • Convey the company’s expectations of performance and conduct
  • Provide an overview of the working environment and employment conditions
  • Provide an overview of compensation and benefits programs and advise employees how and where to obtain detailed information when needed
  • Describe additional pertinent policies, rules and regulations
  • Identify the kinds of clients or customers to be dealt with and emphasize the importance of satisfying them
  • Emphasize the importance of cooperation, teamwork, flexibility and the ability to adapt to change as necessary
  • Finally ensure that new employees receive everything they need to get started
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Performance Management & Appraisal Systems

Our main focus is to guide companies toward ensuring organizational processes are in place to maximize productivity of employees, teams, and ultimately, the organization. Our services will help companies to create or fine-tune their performance appraisal or performance management system into one that incorporates all best practices, reflects the culture of the organization, and provides real value for company’s investment.

Our systematic approach will work as follows:

  • Identifying the core competencies and job expectations need to be drafted for each employee.
  • Creating performance appraisal forms, policy statements, and administrative related materials
  • Designing and implementing the formal system
  • Creating a communications strategy that assures organization-wide understanding, support, and acceptance of the new appraisal system
  • Integrating the new system with all other training and management development efforts as well as all existing performance management processes such as discipline/corrective action procedures, compensation, employee assistance, attendance control programs, etc.
  • Designing training materials and conducting training programs for appraisers, appraisees, and internal trainers
  • Developing a formal measurement plan to evaluate and assess the activities and effectiveness of the new performance appraisal system
  • Managing performance and taking corrective actions

The choice of the performance appraisal system we recommend for each company will depend on the unique need of each organization and its long-term strategies and objectives.

Career Planning & Development

Designing proper career path is a major task we perform to ensure that employees with proper qualifications and experiences are available and can be promoted when needed. Helping companies in restructuring organizational charts and designing motivating jobs is one of our major emphases. Through our Career Counselors and pre-employment services, we are ready to help employees to answer all their queries from Career Exploration, to Career Change, to Personal Career Development and other career related issues.

Our Employee Career Planning discussions will assess the following:

  • Does the employee have the skills to meet the responsibilities of their current job?
  • Assess the person’s current levels of competency and their future requirements. This will reveal what gaps need to be addressed to develop their skills so they can meet future job requirements
  • Where does the employee see themselves in the future? What business results do they hope to achieve?
  • Develop a roadmap that enables the employee to acquire the skill set needed for their current job and for the future. A career plan will be used as part of the performance review process which will include that will show the areas of development, action steps, expected completion date, obstacles and solutions and evaluation criteria

Training & Development

Providing employees with the opportunity to grow and develop is important to sustaining business success and retaining your employees. Creating a continuous learning culture adds to your organization’s employee value proposition and increases retention with employees who are eager to continue learning and growing in their careers. Therefore, at strategichr-human resources experts we always believe that there is no greater return on the dollar than an investment in people.

This is why we assist companies in creating and designing training & development curriculums by assessing training needs of each employee to provide learners with knowledge and skills needed for their present and future jobs.

Training Programs Provided

We provide companies with Online & Offline training and development programs based on Companies’ needs and strategies.

Our programs are tailor made and matching with your company’s needs and objectives.

Our HR Training Programs:

  • Interviewer Skills
  • Talent Management & Talent Hunting
  • What’s the best way to judge employee performance? Tools and criteria used for successful evaluation.
  • Developing your KPIs Library
  • Redesigning Organizational Culture
  • Assessing Training Needs of your Employees
  • Designing Competitive Job Descriptions
  • Conducting Competency Analysis
  • HR Techniques to to Boost your Employees’ Motivation & Loyalty
  • Using Social Media Platforms Support your HR Function
  • HR Basics for Supervisors & Managers
  • Writing HR Policies & Procedures
  • Developing Succession Planning programs
  • Creating work life balance system
  • Employee Wellness and Wellbeing
  • Other programs (as requested and based on company’s unique needs)

Some topics to consider covering in your soft skills training include:

  • Effective communication and its effect on a company’s success.
  • Presentation skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • Teamwork
  • Change Management
  • Other programs (as requested and based on company’s unique needs)
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Salary Structure

We help companies in designing competitive salary structure based on market research and solid salary surveys. We will evaluate job worth and design compatible salary scale for each and every position to always attract and retain top talented employees.

Compensation Strategies

Our team will help companies to design and implement innovative and competitive compensation programs that are fact-based and comprehensive. We study organization’s unique needs and develop a tailor-made strategy for each company. We make sure that our strategies will be aligned with overall business strategy and objectives and comply with the existing regulators with the main focus to attract, retain, and motivate key Talents.

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Employee Relations Programs

When trying to build good employee morale it is beneficial to have a program that is managed by highly-trained HR professionals. Our employee relations program will help you to periodically assess employee morale and address problems expediently to maintain a positive work experience for all employees.

Employee Recognition Programs

In today’s workplace, employee recognition programs are no longer just nice to have – they’re critical. Employee recognition is the key to employee satisfaction.

If you want to keep your employees happy, engaged and productive, you need to let them know that their hard work is recognized and appreciated. Employee recognition plays a very important part in today’s fierce competition to attract and retain employees.

Companies work hard to find and hire top talent. HR professionals have started to use advanced marketing tactics to attract top talent and persuade to take their job offer.

Once top talent is hired, their work is far from over. Now they have to work hard at keeping their top performers happy, productive and loyal.

This is where employee recognition programs come in. Employee recognition programs are crucial for retaining top talent.

When asked what types of recognition were the most memorable, respondents emphasized four types of recognition:

  • Public recognition (acknowledgment via an award, certificate or commendation)
  • Private recognition (from a boss, peer or customer)
  • Promotion (or increase in the scope of work or responsibility to show trust)
  • Monetary award (such as a trip, prize or pay increase).

We will help companies to choose what type of employee recognition program they need to implement depending on many different factors, such as:

  • Your budget
  • The number of employees you employ
  • Your company values
  • The type of your company culture, etc.

When it comes to employee recognition, there is no “one size fits all” secret method. This why a secret to great employee recognition program is to adjust it in line with your employees' wants and needs.

Strategichr-human resources experts will Survey your employees and ask them what they want and what would they like to be recognized.

Engagement & Retention Surveys

Each company must have an on-going strategy to retain and engage valued employees this why our main aim is to help companies measuring employee engagement levels through our unique surveys and interview techniques. We provide companies with:

  • Employee Pulse Survey
  • Employee/Job Satisfaction Survey
  • Employee Motivation Survey
  • Employee Loyalty Survey
  • Exit Employee Survey

Our surveys will help you measure your employees’ job satisfaction, organizational commitment and intention to stay in your organization. We will provide you with an in-depth organizational health checks with validated quantitative and qualitative engagement data segmented to your needs and post survey Solutions will be provided based on your results and organization’s needs.

We will help you in designing and/or implementing an Exit and Stay interview surveys that can be administrated either face to face or electronically to identify people’s reasons for leaving or staying within the role and organization. The reporting process will objectively identify, report trends in reasons for leaving or staying within the role and organization and will incorporate motivational and cultural fit considerations, as well as issues that affected performance (competence).

The collection and analysis of consistent data regarding retention risk factors gives your organization the opportunity to develop and implement a strategy to address retention risk factors.

HR Policies & Procedures

Human Resource policies will be designed to guide employees on the approach an organization intends to adopt in managing its people concerning various aspects of employment. Our team will help companies in designing Policies that will provide clear communication between the organization and their employees regarding their condition of employment by treating all employees fairly and equally. Our policies will create the basis for developing the Employee Handbook.

Different HR policies will be developed for key HR management functions covering:

  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Labor Management Relations
  • Employment Practices and Placement
  • Workplace Diversity
  • Health, Safety and Security
  • Human Resources Information Systems
  • Training and Development

We make sure that our policies are rooted in fairness and consistency. We ensure your culture reflects your values to create a productive workplace.

Employee Handbook

Having an employment law attorney available for advice and counsel is imperative for the success of the Human Resources function. Too often, employers make one misstep and end up facing legal liability. Employee Handbook Services is there to provide counsel for the difficult situations’ employers face, with a unique understanding of taking into account business needs.

One of our more popular services, and namesake, is reviewing and revising employee handbooks.

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HR Auditing

In a world of rapid change, organizations must change their priorities from a traditional focus on planning and control to emphasize speed, innovation, flexibility, quality, service and cost. Therefore, HR team must demonstrate their commitment to meet these key business drivers. To start with the process of change, an HR Auditing is a must.

What we offer for companies is a full HR optimization and process analysis to systematically capture the problems and their root causes and recommend accordingly the best tailor-made solutions.

Our HR Auditing process will start by evaluating first your HR practices:

  • Staffing
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Development
  • Employee Relations
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Health & Safety

Our Team will:

  • Interview key staff
  • Review relevant documentation
  • Help you complete a comprehensive questionnaire
  • Compile data and prepare customized written report
  • Make specific recommendations to improve the efficiency and performance of your HR functions and practices

As we evaluate the findings from your organizational audit, our team is available to help you prioritize and implement what you choose to do. Our approach is always proactive and our main goal is to provide specific, cost-effective options by pairing you with the services and individuals who can be most helpful.

Corporate Restructuring

Successful restructuring and reorganization of your organization require good preparation in advance, good planning which will address all the programmatic needs, support services which are needed to advance your organizational goals, good planning of the workforce and brilliant communication skills.

When would you need our services?

1: Changing Corporate Culture

Basically, organizational culture is the personality of the organization. Cultural change is a form of transformational organizational change, which is a radical and fundamental shift in the way the entire organization operates. Changing it is one of the most difficult leadership challenges. That’s because an organization’s culture comprises an interlocking set of goals, roles, processes, values, communications practices, attitudes and assumptions.

Changing culture of an existing organization is more difficult than to create a culture in a brand-new organization or team. When an organizational culture is already established, people must unlearn the old values, assumptions, and behaviors before they can learn the new ones. But with time, commitment, planning, and proper execution, you can change your organizational culture to support the accomplishment of key your business goals and needed outcomes.

This is why relying on our professional and experienced HR Restructuring Consultants is a must.

How do we start our work? Our team will follow a systematic process to change by:

  • Evaluating your current culture and performance by defining your critical performance priorities, identifying your value/behavior strengths and value/behavior weaknesses that are holding back your organization from achieving its full potential with the performance priorities you defined.
  • Developing a picture of your organization's desired future. What does the organization want to create? How will this benefit your employees and the organization's other stakeholders? What are the key facts you want to be true in your desired culture?
  • Examining your mission, vision, and values for both the strategic and the value-based components of the organization.
  • Creating plans to ensure that the desired organizational culture becomes a reality. The two most important elements for creating organizational cultural change are executive support and training.
  • Providing Training to employees participating in the change. Culture change depends on behavior and belief change. Members of the organization must clearly understand what is expected of them and how to actually do the new behaviors.
  • Using Training to communicate expectations and new behaviors. Mentoring and coaching will also help employees learn and change.
  • Having strong Communication systems in place to involve employee, and help them develop a willingness to learn and adapt are keys to keeping organizational change on track.
  • Changing the physical structure of the company to align with the desired organizational culture.
  • Considering moving employees and teams who must work closely together into the same space.
  • Redesigning organization approach to rewards and recognition to encourage behaviors vital to the desired organizational culture.
  • Reviewing all work systems by making sure systems such as employee promotions, pay practices, performance management, and employee selection align with the desired culture.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the results of the change.

2: Mergers & Acquisitions

During this often-chaotic period, having an experienced HR partner to ensure a seamless business transformation is crucial. Our team will help you to understand all of the moving parts involved in mergers and acquisitions integration.

Through our partnership we will be able to:

  • Supervise & monitor Changing of Roles
  • Review Modifications to Managerial Hierarchy
  • Update & implementation New Employment Policies
  • Recruit and Hire for New Positions
  • Employee Communications
  • Advice on Retaining Key Employees
  • Recommending strategies for Layoffs and Cuts
  • Create Strategies for Combining Corporate Cultures
  • Train and Develop the existing workforce & the new Talents

Our corporate systematic restructuring process will start by:

  • Determining what areas need to be restructured
  • Identifying weaknesses and creating detailed short- and long-term plans to correct these weaknesses through a restructure
  • Implementing short-term corrective action
  • Restructuring and developing of action plans
  • Monitoring & evaluating results

3: Changing Nature of your Business

In this continuous changing world, there is only one thing that is constant: change. Companies that don’t want to change tend to face huge risks in the line of production and become obsolete with time as well. Because of things like these, businesses also experiment with new kinds of products, explore and go to new markets, visit new customers on a regular basis.

Businesses always want new areas so that they can boost sales, boost the capacity and shed off the divisions which don’t add much value. All of these initiatives will need corporate restructuring strategies.

4: New Methods of Working

There are traditional systems of organizations that follow the same old 8 working hours tradition. But there are other requirements that could trigger organizational restructuring such as having new and good methods of work such as telecommunicating, having new systems and policies which could change the culture of your working place etc.

The presence of having telecommunicating employees or temporary employees could enquire an overhaul of all the management parameters, benefits, compensations of the administration etc. The new methods of working require giving emphasis on the results instead of the methods, having a strong policy of communication and reporting of relationships.

To be able to implement this shift, our team will be ready to restructure your organization properly to be aligned with your new introduced methods of working.

5: Proper Technology

While it is clear that Artificial Intelligence will continue to positively shape our world, HR professionals should also be aware of the challenges that they might face.

While organizations are adopting Artificial Intelligence into their human resources processes at varying rates, it is clear to see that the technology will have a lasting impact on the field as it becomes more widely accepted. For this reason, it is important to help your HR professionals prepare themselves for these changes by understanding what the technology is and how it is applied across various functions.

Innovations in technology, the process of working, materials and other factors tend to influence your business and workplace in several ways. Your organization needs to be restructured with time.

Two words, however, sum up the overall benefits of corporate restructuring: SURVIVAL & SUCCESS.

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